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Unit for spraying foam, sprays and paints

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The unit is designed for spray painting and whitewashing. It also comes with a function for applying active cleaning foam. The most useful functions are combined into one device, and so saving space.

The unit can be successfully used to clean and disinfect farm buildings, as well as agricultural machinery and cars.

After connecting the paint gun and disconnecting the foaming module, you can easily adapt the unit for spray painting walls.

It is built on a 19-litre stainless steel tank.




  • Spray painting
  • Cleaning with active foam
  • Disinfection
  • Whitewashing walls with limewash
  • Traditional spraying




  • 19-litre pressure tank
  • Modern foaming module
  • Gun for spraying active foam
  • Professional gun for spray painting
  • Lance with extension cord (total length 155 cm, length of extension alone 65 cm)
  • 10-metre material hoses
  • Funnel

More Information

More Information
For use professional
Tank capacity 19 litres
Working pressure 4,9 BAR

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paint guns - comparison


  amateur paint gun semi-professional paint gun professional paint gun Industrial paint gun
Use of amateur semi-professional professional Industrial
Spray width 20 cm 40 cm 50 cm 55 cm
Spray width adjustment not yes yes yes
Air flow control not yes yes yes
Firing pin material brass stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel
Interchangeable nozzle not not yes - 1,3 mm yes - 3,0 mm
Interchangeable firing pin not yes yes - 1,3 mm yes - 3,0 mm
Dusting large Medium small negligible
Atomisation small Medium large very large

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