Industrial painting unit 60 litres

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5903672755627 - 5 metres
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Looking for a professional-grade paint sprayer for industrial applications?

Our industrial-grade device comes equipped with an advanced paint sprayer that allows for wide-stream paint application. This ensures precise and rapid wall coverage. The innovative design of the paint sprayer not only ensures ease of use but also minimizes overspray, enhancing the efficiency of painting.

The set includes nozzles suitable for applying low-density substances using spray technology.

Our sprayer is engineered for large-scale projects, enabling work on extensive surfaces due to the adequate tank capacity and specialized paint sprayer. The wide paint stream guarantees rapid coverage of the painted area, translating into efficiency and time-saving benefits.

Moreover, the set includes flexible hoses measuring either 10 or 15 meters, providing flexibility to work at a comfortable distance from the tank. The choice of hose length depends on the customer's preference, ensuring added flexibility during usage.

Invest in an efficient paint sprayer that delivers precision, speed, and effectiveness. Achieve outstanding results with our professional-grade kit today!





  • Spray painting of large surfaces
  • Priming walls
  • Impregnation
  • Whitewashing
  • Spraying




  • 60-litre tank
  • Industrial gun for spray painting
  • Additional 3,0 mm spray gun for emulsions
  • Lance with extension cord (Total length 155 cm, length of extension alone 65 cm)
  • 2 flatstream nozzles for whitewashing with limewash, 1 swirl nozzle for spraying
  • Metal regulator
  • Range of paint gun: 10 or 15 metres (customer choice)

More Information

More Information
For use Industrial
Tank capacity 60 litres
Working pressure 8 BAR

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