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      Units for spraying limewash are equipped with a large 19-litre tank and a lance. This set lets you:

      • Spray paint walls and ceilings with limewash (whitewash)

      By whitening walls and ceilings with milk of lime, an even and natural texture is created. The lime milk sprayers offer a simple and quick solution to freshen up and beautify rooms with lime milk, as they create an even texture and brighten the surface.

      • Apply insecticidal sprays

      The use of insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, lime and other materials for indoor and outdoor application provides quick and efficient coverage of large areas and can also be used to apply milk of lime to walls and other surfaces to whiten the space and create a fresh appearance.

      • Apply fungicidal sprays

      The use of fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and milk of lime to restore the white colour on wood and other surfaces. The lime milk is applied via the spray lance, which enables an even and efficient application. Special settings of the device allow you to apply the desired amount of lime milk to the object to be treated. With the sprayer, you can also make a controlled application to hard-to-reach places.

      • Disinfect farm buildings

      The disinfection and sterilisation of storage rooms and interiors through a simple and quick application of milk of lime. A quick and effective disinfection of floors and other surfaces through an even distribution of milk of lime.

      • Priming walls

      The whitewashing sprayer with lime is an effective tool for applying a primer to rooms and surfaces. By using this type of sprayer, a quick and even primer can be applied, providing a perfect finish for a variety of surfaces. It is ideal for use on walls, ceilings and doors.

      • Clean with active foam (together with the master module)

      The sprayer for whitening with lime enables active foam cleaning, which is supported by a special foam module. This module creates a foaming cleaning foam that is applied to the surface with a specially developed compressed air and water jet. The foam ensures that the surface particles are easily removed and a clean and even result is achieved. This makes the cleaning work much more efficient and faster than would otherwise be possible.


      The AGREKOM whitewash spray unit, known as the limewash sprayer, allows you to spray limewash with the efficiency of 60 m2 in about 5 minutes.



      It is worth to repaint the walls with limewash 1 – 2 times a year.
      For the mixture to be properly prepared, it is crucial to precisely follow the instructions included on the packaging of the hydrated lime.

      It is most often recommended to mix lime powder with water at a ratio of 1:5. Another method is to prepare the so-called lime cake, and after 24 hours, mix it with water until a smooth consistency is achieved.

      Before pouring into the whitewash spray unit, the limewash should be sieved through a cloth nappy. This procedure separates all the large and clumped together fragments of the hydrated lime. If we skip this step, it can lead to the clogging of the nozzle's lance.
      The limewash is applied with the lance, starting from the top of the wall and then moving down to cover the whole surface.