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                        PLASTER FINISH SPRAY UNIT PARTS

                        Accessories and replaceable parts for Agrekom plaster spray units are available in our shop. Correctly matched accessories, such as nozzles or needles for the spray guns, make it possible to increase the spraying efficiency and speed up work. 


                        PLASTERING ACCESSORIES

                        In our offer you can find additional accessories for plaster spray units and finish guns. Each plaster spray unit comes with elements that can become damaged. In this case, it is useful to have spare parts to the plaster spray units. You can find in our offer needles and nozzles for plaster guns, hoses and compressors for plaster spray units, pressure regulators, manometres and also plastering lances.


                        PLASTER SPRAY UNIT HOSE - HOW TO CHOOSE?

                        The length of the plaster spray unit hoses depends on the density of the material and the pressure with which the unit is working. The denser the material we put into the tank, the shorter the hoses transporting it to the spray gun or lance can be. In this case, we recommend diluting the mass with around 10% or water or primer emulsion (so called uni-grunt).
                        When choosing the length of the hoses, we must also remember about the maximum pressure with which the material can be pumped. With units working at a low pressure e.g. 4-6 BAR, the length of the hoses will be around 10 metres. Units working at a pressure of 8 BAR allow for the use of hoses of a maximum length of 20 metres. That makes it possible to supply the material at long lengths. 


                        NOZZLE FOR PLASTER GUNS 

                        We offer a large choice of nozzles for plaster finish guns. Different sizes make it possible to match them to the material which is being applying on the wall, as well as the structure which we wish to achieve. We also have flat nozzles in our offer which allow for the spraying of plaster with a flat stream. Such a solution allows for precise covering of the plaster on every surface. 

                        Before buying, it is worth paying attention to the material the nozzles are made from. Because it is an element subject to wear, we ought to remember that it will need to be replaced once it has been used up.  Nozzles made from steel, as well as ceramic ones, have the highest tolerance for wear.