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                PAINT SPRAY UNIT PARTS

                Some accessories for paint spray units may wear off after some time. In that case, will have to be replaced. Guns for spray painting do not need to be replaced often because paints have much less abrasive properties like, for example, plaster has. 
                In our offer, you will also find many hoses for paint spray units, needles, and also pressure regulators. 



                Professional Agrekom paint guns have durable nozzle that help with the correct dispersion of paint.
                Every paint gun has the option of adjusting the width of the stream sprayed, as well as the air flow. Thanks to that we are able to adjust the paint's stream to our current expectations.


                NOZZLES FOR LANCES

                Priming and whitewashing lances are equipped with nozzles. These elements can be replaced depending on your needs. The lance allows for the spraying of priming products on walls. Thanks to the right length we can easily prime walls and high ceilings in e.g. tenement houses. 
                Lances for priming are equipped with a set of flat stream nozzles, and also a swirl nozzle for spraying. All nozzles are replaceable. 



                The right length of hoses for paint spray units are essential for them to work correctly.

                So that the paint flows through without any issues, 5-10% of water should be added to it. Paint spray units can work with hoses of up to 20 metres The right length of hoses depends on the maximum pressure for which the unit is designed.