We are a manufacturer of pneumatic equipment for the spray application of façade plaster, paint and gypsum plaster. We guarantee high quality workmanship and ideal adaptation to the difficult conditions on the construction site. Our equipment makes it possible to speed up most of the work necessary on every construction site.

Agrekom's offer is aimed at construction and renovation companies, as well as at people who want to renovate their home on their own. The wide selection of equipment makes it easy to match a spraying unit to your budget and the work you want to do.

Our products are divided into categories, which include plastering units (in this category you will find units for gypsum plaster and units for facades), painting units for spray painting, air whitewash units for painting walls with lime milk, as well as sprayers. The range also includes two-piston compressors.

As a manufacturer of aggregates, we also sell plastering and painting equipment. The shop with plastering units allows you to purchase the equipment quickly and safely. We carry out shipments within 24 hours of booking the payment.