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                          GUNS FOR SPRAY PAINTING

                          Paint guns are designed for spraying emulsion paint, car paints, and also priming.
                          They work well with latex, acrylic and undercoat paints.
                          Painting with a spray gun helps to cover surfaces accurately. Thanks to that not only do we save time, but also material. Spray painting is extraordinarily efficient, fast, and makes an extremely smooth surface. The right spray gun makes it possible to paint with facade paints, which are very dense. The paint spray unit has a wide spectrum of ways it can be used. 


                          GUNS FOR SPRAYING PLASTER

                          Guns that can spray facade plasters and cement limewashes are new on the market.
                          They allow for fast and precise covering of walls with structural sand plaster. The plaster gun can also be used to spray cement limewash render (spackling), glue onto mesh, and also gypsum finish. The right spray gun will work perfectly when spraying acrylic, mineral, silicone, and also silicate plaster.
                          Using the spray gun for plaster guarantees good spreading of grains, thanks to which the walls will be very aesthetically pleasing. 
                          You will find in our offer spray guns designed for professional spraying of plaster onto large surfaces.


                          PLASTER FINISH GUNS

                          Choosing the right spray gun for finishes is not easy. We offer models that can spray finish with a flat stream, and also versions for spraying with a solid stream.
                          The finish gun is equipped with a flat nozzle that covers the walls with a layer of finish accurately. The special design of the nozzle makes it possible reach corners and other hard-to-reach areas. Spray application of gypsum finish makes it possible to achieve an even thickness of the layer on the wall. It makes it easier to smooth and sanding the plaster later on. 


                          LIQUID WALLPAPER SPRAY GUNS

                          Because of their density and high adhesiveness, spray wallpapers require specialist guns for spraying. Agrekom plaster guns also work perfectly when spraying on wallpaper. The right sizes of nozzles help to spread large particles and additives contained in the spray wallpaper evenly. That makes it easier to achieve the right quality of the structure and a nicely looking wall.