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                          A compressor is an essential piece of equipment for nearly every workshop. It helps with quick pumping up of wheels, paintwork, and also blowing.
                          Compressors designed for continuous work can also be used together with pneumatic plastering and paint spray units.

                          First, let's think about what type of compressor we're looking for. They can be divided into oil and oil-free compressors. They also differ depending on how many cylinders they have, the layout of the pistons (one of the most efficient ones is the V system), size of cannister, and also such details like quality of the separator and other components. A good solution is to buy a compressor that has the possibility to adjust the pressure (PSI). Thanks to that we can adjust the strength of the air flow to many types of work that is being done.

                          When buying a compressor , it is worth paying attention to the accuracy of the parameters the manufacturer gives. It often happens that the parameters of the compressors available on the market are often overstated.
                          When looking for a compressor, ask the seller for graphs showing the output capabilities of the equipment, the time it takes to fill a cannister, and also measure the size of the cannister. That will make it easier to initially verify the parameters and then to choose the right device.


                          DOUBLE-CYLINDER COMPRESSORS

                          Compressors with 2 cylinders in the V system are considered as one of the most efficient. They work perfectly without any breaks with plaster spray units, paint spray units, and also whitewash spray units. Our double-cylinder compressors are characterised by extraordinary quality of workmanship. We use the best parts available on the market to produce them. That guarantees long-term use.
                          We deliver compressors all over Poland and to every EU country.


                          COMPRESSOR ACCESSORIES

                          Together with the compressor, you can also buy additional elements such as a set of guns for pumping and blowing, air hoses or oil for the equipment.