Industrial plastering unit 80 litres

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The industrial plastering unit has been developed for spraying façade plasters, dense gypsum plasters, gypsum smoothes, filling, plaster roughcast and also for spraying paint with dense emulsions. 

The machine is equipped with two guns for spraying substances of different densities. 

The AK10 PRO industrial plaster gun for dense materials provides a smooth spray of the substance with extremely high efficiency. The gun has the possibility to block the spray by releasing the trigger. This is a solution that significantly increases working comfort. The plaster gun has been enhanced with the modern AIR PRO nozzle system. They provide the optimum amount of air necessary for spraying dense materials. 

The set also includes a professional spray painting gun. The use of paint hoses as thick as 12mm, allows for easy spraying of thick emulsion paints without diluting them. Dense emulsion paint means even better coverage of the painted surface. 

The guns have a spray width adjustment function within the range shown in the table.

The Agrekom plastering unit is based on an 80-litre tank. The tank makes it possible to transport material weighing approx. 120-160kg. The large inlet allows the tank to be filled directly from the concrete mixer. 




  • Spray application of structural plasters (facade plasters like sand textured, mineral, silicone, silicate, and acrylic plasters)
  • Spraying of gypsum plaster finish (flat stream)
  • Wall spackling (rendering)
  • Spraying glue onto mesh when insulating
  • Spray painting (also with dense emulsions)
  • Priming walls
  • Applying liquid wallpaper
  • Spraying of fire retardants
  • Impregnation




  • An 80-litre tank with a conical bottom and enlarged inlet,
  • professional plastering gun,
  • set of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 mm nozzles,
  • AIR PRO nozzles 4, 6, 8 mm,
  • professional spray painting and priming gun,
  • double metal air pressure regulator,
  • 10 or 15-metre technical hoses (as selected by the user). The 10 and 15 metre-long technical hoses are sold in two sections. On request, the hose can be in one piece. 



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More Information
For use Industrial
Tank capacity 80 litres
Working pressure 8 BAR

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