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                    COMPRESSOR OIL – HOW TO CHOOSE

                    As a lubricant,  oil decreases the friction between particular elements the compressor is built of. Properly matched oil will successfully lower the temperature of the componentry of the device.
                    It covers each element it comes into contact with and helps protect them from damage.

                    The ideal oil for compressors has the following parameters:

                    Self-Ignition Temperature (SIT) above 350 º C
                    Flash point above 100-110 º C
                    Moisture above 1,5%

                    It should be noted that the state of the oil should be checked before starting to work with the compressor. Its level should be just above the marked point, also called the oil level sight glass.


                    COMPRESSOR HOSE

                    An essential part connecting the compressor with the pneumatic device is the hose. The compressor hoses are available in various lengths. Hoses of 10 and 20 linear metres are chosen the most often. Such lengths make it possible to supply compressed air at great lengths.
                    Compressor hoses have quick connectors at their ends that help to easily install the hoses in the compressor plugs.



                    For the air compressor to be fully functional, it is worth stocking up on a pneumatic set. Such a set usually includes an air blow gun. a tyre inflator gun, an oil (oiling) spray gun, a gun for spray painting, and also a pneumatic hose.