Industrial plastering unit 18 litres

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A plastering set designed for spraying materials of high density. The increased diameter of the conduits allows for even better transport of the material to the spray gun.

The device is perfectly suited for tasks with very high intensity. It will prove itself during spray painting and plastering (such as facade plastering and gypsum smoothing).

The set includes two guns designed for spraying materials of different densities.

The gold plastering gun AK10 PRO is designed for spraying facade plasters, gypsum smoothings with a round stream, and spraying. Thanks to the innovative air supply system to the gun, you achieve ideal dispersion of facade plaster grains. Specialized AIR PRO nozzles used in the gun allow spraying of dense masses without dilution.

The plastering gun AK10 PRO allows easy spraying of most substances such as facade plasters, gypsum smoothings, mesh adhesive, bituminous waterproofing, plaster slurry, etc.

The ability to cut off air and material (spray lock) using the gun trigger ensures exceptional work comfort and eliminates the risk of so-called splatters on the wall.

The industrial plastering unit is also equipped with the MF77 painting gun. The gun allows for quick and easy spraying of emulsion paints. The hoses delivering material to the gun are designed to enable spraying of dense emulsions without dilution. This allows for even better coverage of the painted surface and increases work speed.

The guns have spray stream width adjustment.

The largest component of the set is the 18-liter pressure tank. The tank allows operation at a pressure of 4,9 BAR. It is made of stainless steel, making it resistant to atmospheric conditions. The reinforced chassis facilitates transport and works perfectly during scaffolding work.




  • Spray application of structural plasters (facade plasters like sand textured, mineral, silicone, silicate, and acrylic plasters)
  • Spraying of gypsum plaster finish (flat stream)
  • Wall spackling (rendering)
  • Spraying glue onto mesh when insulating
  • Spray painting (also with dense emulsions)
  • Priming walls
  • Applying liquid wallpaper
  • Spraying of fire retardants
  • Impregnation




  • 18 L tank
  • AK10 PRO plaster spray gun for industrial use,
  • set of nozzles 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 mm for the plastering gun,
  • AIR PRO 4, 6, 8 mm nozzle set for plastering gun,
  • industrial spray gun,
  • double metal pressure regulator,
  • Technical hoses in lengths of 5 or 10 metres (customer's choice). The 10 and 15 metre-long technical hoses are sold in two sections. On request, the hose can be in one piece. 
  • funnel

More Information

More Information
For use Industrial
Tank capacity 18 litres
Working pressure 4,9 BAR


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